Percale is a very fine cotton fabric of superior quality. She is very appreciated in bedding for its smooth, silky and soft touch.
The term describes the weaving of materials, not its content, percale can be a mixture of 50% cotton, 50% polyester or 100% cotton, or a mixture of other materials regardless of their proportions. The weaving of percale has 78 threads per square centimeter or more.

Percale means a weave and not a material. It consists of long and very fine cotton threads

The weaving of the percale is simple, however it allows the sheet to be resistant because the threads are very tight. It is made thanks to the crossing of the threads. More simply: the weft thread passes perpendicularly through the warp threads (stretched threads).

This weave gives a matte appearance to the fabric.

The thread count for a percale is 78 threads / cm² minimum. We can go up to 200 threads for very high quality bed linen.



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